How to Avoid Plagiarism in Essay: 6+ Ways to Beat the Detector

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Essay

Remember that if you try to plagiarize your teacher will spot it at once. And you will have to face the consequences right away, starting from ruining your reputation and ending with being expelled from your university and even losing your residence permit when it comes to foreign exchange students.

Even if your fellow student says he managed to submit a plagiarized paper and did not get caught you need to understand that he is a liar.

Or a teacher just hasn't turned him in, yet. We also do not recommend you trying to fool the detector by adding some foreign symbols etc as you will get caught. Teachers hate plagiarism so much that once being caught you will be suspected and mistrusted for all the study period.

To put it simply, do not plagiarize. But how do you avoid the accidental plagiarism? For example you did not mean to do it but the part of your essay still comes out as plagiarized. And it does not matter how it got there.

Nobody is going to listen to your excuses. We have collected some useful tips for you to avoid plagiarism for good.

Helpful Advice

How to avoid plagiarism in essay? Follow these simple steps to create a work that will boost your grades and please the teacher:

  1. Get familiar with the subject you are writing on. Find the information in the books as they are a more reliable source than internet. Plus if you are well read and familiar about a subject you are less likely to plagiarize and more likely to write in your own words.
  2. Do not read too much of one writer. You should be able to explain the subject in your own words and if it still sounds too much like the statement of another author you should restate it once again.
  3. If in doubt it is always better to give credit. If you still suspect that the phrase sounds too plagiarized better put it in brackets.
  4. Learn the basics of the copyright law. The well known facts are not subject to plagiarism however the words used to express them are. Adding comas to avoid plagiarism is not enough. You have to completely change the grammar.
  5. The folklore, legends and common sense observations do not need to be cited. Your own scientific research results do not need to be cited either.
  6. Use the plagiarism software such as etc. This way you will be able to double check the paper before submitting it.

Remember To Add Citations

Whenever you copy and paste a part of the text from the internet you have to identify it. Delimiters, they are used to surround the copied text. For example use [square brackets] or /slash marks/ later when editing your essay you will be able to decide whether to put quotation marks instead of delimiters or to make it a block quote.

Attribution is the information you put at the end of your essay. The enumeration of all the URL addresses, and book sources for the text, then put those numbers in the text to identify the citations. By using the delimiters and the attribution you can always come back to the initial version of the text and even if your computer freezes or crushes you will be able to retrieve the original document and trace all the quotes.

How to avoid plagiarism in essay? Remember that people checking your essays are familiar with all the reference materials. So even if you think this thought is new and try to present it as a thought of your own better at least Google it to see if this thought is actually original to you.

More Useful Tips

There are a few more things you have to consider before submitting an essay:

  1. Submitting the same essay or part of it for two courses is also called self-plagiarism.
  2. Even if you put in your lecture material you need to put your teacher into the list of references.
  3. Having someone edit your paper for you is considered plagiarism as someone is writing a part of the paper for you.
  4. However if you cite your own music, videos or previous research materials that you have been using before you shall need to add a citation. Cite yourself in the list of references.

And remember that it is always better to get an average grade for the essay of your own than try to plagiarize and get that shameful letter to follow you throughout all your studies. Obviously you are a smart student as you have made it this far to make sure your essay is original.


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